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Protest against Russia, Syria over Aleppo in KUWAIT

Hundreds of Kuwaitis carrying banners saying “Stop crimes” and “Save Aleppo,” have marched on the diplomatic compound housing the Russian Embassy in Kuwait City.

kuwait-protest - Aleppo - syria - civilwar -

Protesters then marched toward the fence of the compound, shouting: “The people want the expulsion of the ambassador.”
Police watched the demonstration closely but it ended peacefully.

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Kuwaits Parliament is set to hold a special debate on Aleppo on Dec. 28, speaker Marzouk Al-Ghanem said on Wednesday.
Kuwaiti charities and the Kuwait Red Crescent Society have launched fund-raising campaigns for victims of the fighting in Aleppo.
During a weeks-long regime assault to retake opposition-held parts of Aleppo, the city has seen some of the worst fighting in Syria’s five-year war.
More than 310,000 people have been killed since the Syrian conflict began, and over half the population has been displaced, with millions becoming refugees.

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Uses of Micro Fiber Cloth

Cheapest and most convenient use of micro fiber cloths and myself bought alot of MicroFiber cloth from Daboos Al Mahmeed.

Not only Micro Fiber are affordable but can be used for long time.

Benefit of Micro Fiber cloth

  1. Micro Fiber Cloth cleans thoroughly without  any harsh chemical
  2. Micro Fiber Cloth absorbs instead of pushing it away which is less messy
  3. Micro Fiber Cloth does not need alot of detergent to clean up we need to wash micro fiber cloth with mild detergent and once a while wash with vinegar to increase its usability
  4. Remove dirt or spider web from ceiling by wetting or dry  Micro Fiber Cloth and using wiper stick/long stick  and go all the way around the corners
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Online Grocery Shopping in Kuwait

I was searching for online grocery shopping in Kuwait in comfort of our very own home like many other developed and under-developing countries. I found this very website, Let see what can i order from here. Please check the link below Happy shopping people also buy for you loved ones back home 🙂



Grocery Shopping for Pakistan






Grocery Shopping in Bangladesh



Grocery Shopping in India





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The Graveyard in Kuwait (Real base story)

There are five cemeteries in Kuwait presently, three for Sunni Muslims, one for Shiite Muslims and one for non-Muslims. There were some old cemeteries but they are closed and even some disappeared as buildings have been erected on them. Every day they dug few graves for next day. No one can pick their desire grave its done everyday and serial wise.

Once a men went to graveyard to offer janazah for his known person and seeing one empty grave he was mumbling “Allah knows who will enter here”, the person who lead janazah prayers was listening to that gentleman’s comment.

Next day that gentleman faced an tragic accident and passed away and placed in same grave in which he was pointing to, and same person who was present the previous day lead his janazah and recognized him.

Innah Lillah Hi wa Innah Ilaihiirajioon

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My First Hijama experience

After struggling alot and searched every possible way for Hijama center specially done by female.

Glad I found one in August and scheduled appointment on 23rd September Insha Allah.

Everything was as planned went to center; honestly speaking I was little scared thinking:

What will happen?
How painful will it be?
Was it a right decision for me to come here and do it?
and kept doing zikr

Even the one who was about to perform hijama on me was like you seems very scared its not as bad as you are thinking!


Anyways, changed dress and was on stretcher she already mentioned she will use 21 cups for high blood pressure and 4 cups extra for sunnah point, we agreed. Asked me few questions about my illness, my treatment, medications, allergies if i have any, age

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Internet family pack

Share your Internet family pack and save more

Now you can save more by simply transferring your internet of 1 GB each time to any Ooredoo customer from your existing pack. Share your internet with your loved ones to enjoy more convenience and savings.


Did you know?


Sharing internet family pack gives you more data volume


  • Source Wataniya.com

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The secrect of having Happy Kids

Oh Oh Oh is that the pain in my left elbow due to holding my infant of 10 months holding almost always, yes it is.

Alhumdulilah having kids around home is blessing and its amazing to hear laughter baby’s laughter precisely but it is very tiring for care giver or mother who is stay at home.

As a mother of 2 kids aged below 3. Having very tough schedule from early morning to late night. it’s hard to take care of one own’s self but its is important to do so to have healthy happy kids.

If you have traveled in any airline you must have heard, in case of emergency if oxygen mask fell than make yourself comfortable before assisting others..

by Rehanah H

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Bangladeshi Visa not Closed in Kuwait

Why there is so much hype.. Bangladeshi visa are not closed yet the immigration head officer and passport section suggested that I repeat that he suggested that to close Bangladeshi Visa in Kuwait should be closed now. Because he said 200,000 Bangladeshi already arrived in this short period of time that is alarming for them

As you know already 100,000 Bengali people are residing in Kuwait so total of 300,000 Bangladeshi people are now in Kuwait

Now Kuwait is trying to reduce the number of Expat in Kuwait.

Why I think it would be a good decision for the closure of Bangladeshi visa

1,They came here giving more or less 3000kd to 3500kd

2,They can only come as khadim or houseboy or driver or cook (domestic worker)

3,There Iqamah is non transferable

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No Civil ID Paci



Day by Day the laws are getting strict in Kuwait. For some people it is a positive thing and for some people it my negatively influence them but either way if you ask my opinion it may be bad for some people but the strict rule are for own betterment it is good for the economy more job opportunities for the Kuwaiti peoples less corruption more security and more security means more investment

If you are an epact and happen to be living and Kuwait without valid civil id then I am afraid to say my friend at any moment you can get caught and get deported back to you country.

How my friend become legal to illegal without civil ID

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Civil ID Renewal PACI

Civil id or Pataqa Madniya in Arabic is very Document now a days you should carry one with you always even if you going to Bakalah because we don’t know any moment police or shurta can come and ask you to show your Civil id Paci


Thanks to Kuwait government now we can Renew our Civil ID by 2 main ways which are as following

1,By mobile or Telephone or calling

2,By Using “Kuwait Government Online” portal

By Mobile or Telephone or Calling PACI

This is the best way if you don’t have internet Connection or mobile around so you can call on there hotline number which is 1889988 after calling just follow their instruction by machine and be sure your civil id number ready or receipt or case number.

By Using “Kuwait Government Online” portal PACI

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